From: Brandon Lamb


Dear Future Money Saving Master,

Here's a fact for you. Most people that try to save money fail. Instead of saving money, they actually wind up deeper in debt.

It's understandable, though...

We're living in a new age world where things like cell phones, laptops, and nights out on the town are no longer luxuries -- they're necessities.

Our lives are EXPENSIVE, and the old school methods of placing a few dollars of your paycheck into a savings account just don't work anymore because we need every cent we make.

Yet we keep trying.

We keep hoping that when life gets easier, we get a raise, the kids move out, or we win the lottery, then we'll be able to save a few nickels and dimes from our paychecks -- and finally get ahead.

But let's just face it. If it doesn't work now, it's not going to work later.

If you want to save money, you have to find a way that works NOW.

You have to find a way to save money that accommodates the things you want and need in life if you truly want to amass savings.

You can't do without or "cut back" to stuff a little cash away. If you do, you're not going to stick with the plan, and you won't save money.

Six months from now, you'll be looking for this letter that you're reading today.


"Best Advice I've Ever Gotten"

You should publish this in paperback and sell it in bookstores. Better advice than some financial advisors on the radio ever thought of giving. I've slashed my spending almost in half. Thank you, thank you!

Carrie Montlick, Flint, MI

"Didn't Think Saving Was Possible"

I thought to save money, you couldn't spend it, so I never had a savings account.  After reading your book, I now have a savings account that's growing monthly. 

Ann Smythe, Bristol, VA

Just think about it for a minute...

Twenty years ago, there weren't so many cars on the road. Rush hour meant slower traffic, not a guarantee of gridlocked traffic every day.

Some families had two incomes, but more than most still relied on one. We didn't have computers, cell phones, and GPS systems as part of our everyday lives. Insurance premiums didn't require an arm or a leg to pay.

Our lives were simpler back then. They were

So maybe in those days -- when our parents and grandparents were younger and saving money -- tucking twenty dollars (or even a hundred) back here and there wasn't such a big deal. But it is today.

Let's face it. Our money today is stretched in so many different directions, some days we don't know if it will stretch far enough.

It's hard to save. It's downright impossible to save.

There are financial advisors out there who will tell you to shut off your cell phone, cut off Internet access at home, drive a clunker of a car, and eat hot dogs every night if that's what it takes to save money.

If you want to do that, go for it. It's not going to work, though. In fact...


What happens whenever you go on a starvation diet to lose weight?

Sooner or later you get hungry...

and I mean really hungry... and you raid the fridge of everything but the fridge itself. And you gain more weight than you ever lost!

Well, that's what happens when you cut out the things you love (and think you need) to try to save money.

It doesn't work.

That's part of the reason why dropping part of your paycheck into a savings account doesn't work as well as it used to too.

You wind up cutting back on the things you want just to save a few bucks -- and you put yourself on a modified starvation diet.

I'm going to show you a new way to think about saving money.

These are the exact methods I used that allowed me to save $17,605.08 in just one year.

You can forget almost everything you've ever learned about saving money before.

I am going to teach you EXACTLY what you're doing wrong, then show you how to save up to thousands of dollars a year without so much as breaking a sweat.

Ready to start saving money right now
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Hi, my name is Brandon Lamb. Just a little over four years ago, I found myself broke, without any money in savings, and up to my eyeballs in debt.

I couldn't save a dime if the dime deposited itself into my bank account. I'd have withdrawn it instantly because I thought I needed it to survive.

And I know that in today's economy, it can be hard to save a cent. Believe me, I know.

And it seems like if you do manage to save anything, you're either not enjoying your life the way you want to, or you're spending it no sooner than you save it.

You can't save enough, and it's impossible to save continuously. Believe me, I know.


I'd just graduated college, gotten my first job, and for the first time in my life I was making really good money.

I mean, really good money!

You know how us college kids are -- we're broke, begging for money from mom and dad all the time, and the only light at the end of the tunnel is that good paying job that we'll get when we're finished.

That was me.

Finally! I had the money to be able to do things with my life. I got a nice place to live, a sweet ride, and everything I'd worked so hard in school to finally have.

Needless to say, I was enjoying my life to the max!

I went out just about every night with friends. I became the king of a good time, and the prince of partying.

It was nothing for me to buy rounds and rounds of drinks, take my girlfriend to the most expensive places to eat, and to make those shopping malls forget there was a recession taking place.

But sooner (and not later), my spending started to catch up with me.

It got harder to pay my bills each month.

I had to give up my nice apartment for something more -- ugh -- affordable.

The good money I was making didn't seem like a lot at the end of the week when every cent I made was going to credit cards and other debt that I'd accumulated while enjoying that same paycheck.

Then it got worse!

My girlfriend of 6 years dumped me because I was no longer financially stable!

My money problems -- or my lack of money problems -- were affecting what others thought of me . But who could blame her?

Who wants to be with a person who can barely pay bills? That was me, and I didn't blame her -- not even back then.

All I wanted to know was why I couldn't enjoy my life in my own style AND save plenty of money.


"Saving and Enjoying Life More!"

I wanted you to know that your methods have me on track to save $13,000 this year.   Plus it will be the first year I take my family on a vacation that isn't to visit family -- thanks to your spending/saving methods.

Marcus Weldon, Flagstaff, AZ

"A Method That Really Works!"

I've tried everything to save money: envelopes, percentage of my paycheck, and nothing worked.   You are the first person that ever taught me a way to save money that actually works. 

Kathy Wills, Kansas City, MO

Given, I had to give up some of my partying ways. But I didn't want to give up my life completely.

What's the purpose of an education and a good job if you can't enjoy life?

So, I did what any good accounting and finance major would do! I went back to my textbooks. Yes, I probably should have done that in class -- and I did, I promise.

It's just easy to know what money management is, and harder to actually practice it.

You and I both know that's true. But I started to study. I studied my books. I researched online.

That was five years ago.

I'm happy to tell you that what I learned in those textbooks and from all my research actually worked.

Now, I'm happily married. My savings account continues to grow every year (I don't have to steal from it anymore), and my wife and I are expecting our first baby boy very soon!

In ONE year, I managed to save $17,605.08, and the savings continue to grow year after year:)

Here's a sneak peek...

But I have to tell you that I didn't manage to learn to do any of this by filling out a savings account deposit slip on every payday... and I didn't have to give up any of the things I enjoy in my life to amass my savings.

If you're anything like I was, you are starting to think that savings means doing without. It doesn't.


"I Saved Money... and Was Unemployed!"

I really haven't ever tried to save money, but last year when I lost my job and found myself without savings, I knew I needed to start. I bought your book so that when I found a new job, I could start to put money away. Instead, I ended up saving a few hundred dollars a month while I was on unemployment! Thank you so much for the help. You've really made my life a lot easier.

Rick Wilson, Sacramento, CA

If it is, you won't stay on it, and you won't save money.

You see, part of my problem was what many of us face. We associate savings with taking a portion of our paycheck and sticking it in the bank.

We feel good when we do this, don't we? It makes us feel good to know that we're responsible enough to save a few dollars for a rainy day. And -- over time -- it adds up. It eventually turns into a college fund for kids, a retirement account...and you get the picture.

But if that method of saving money really worked, you wouldn't be here reading this letter right now.

What mom and dad told you doesn't work!

If you put a hundred dollars into your savings right now, then spend the rest on whatever you want, chances are you're going to need that hundred dollars later when something unthinkable happens -- like your car breaks down, a child gets sick, or you convince yourself that you and your loved ones really deserve that vacation.


You'll get this 8-part e-course on
Things You Must STOP Doing (If You Want to Save Money)... a $24
value but yours for FREE!


You can't earmark certain amounts of your paycheck to save.

You can't stuff money into envelopes and create savings.

There's absolutely nothing you can do to save money from your paycheck that's going to work long-term.

I know I sound bleak, but listen. Savings accounts are supposed to grow every year.

Your bank balance isn't supposed to look like a roller coaster when you put it on a graph or chart. It's supposed to look like an arrow going straight up!

So then, the question is, "Brandon, how do I save money?"


The definition to save is to "preserve or guard from injury, destruction, or loss" or "to spend less."

Both of these definition are very true in telling you how to successfully save money.

In order to save money, you can't stuff some of what you earn away. Instead, you have to manage what you spend. You have to preserve the money you spend, guard it from unnecessary loss, and -- yes -- spend less.

But that doesn't mean you can't live -- and enjoy living. Thinking that you can't -- or that you have to go on a "starvation diet" is a myth.

Contrary to what some people believe, it's a fact that:

  • You can still take exotic vacations and save money.
  • You can still have a huge wedding and save money.
  • You can still drive a nice car and save money.
  • You can still live in a beautiful house and save money.
  • You can still own a cool cell phone, a laptop, an iPad, and a GPS and STILL save money.

"Learn to Spend Wisely and Buy More" 

My wife and I have been saving money for years by putting a little from both of our paychecks in the bank. The problem is that we usually end up spending it whenever the cars need repairs or Christmas rolls around, so we never managed to save the amount of money we needed to.   You taught us to be able to spend money on the things we want, and to save money while doing that.  That's just amazing!   We have more money now than we'd ever thought we have -- and it seems like we get to spend more.  Turns out, we just spend smarter.   God bless you for sharing your book with us!

Henry and Marilyn Lamb, Rio, TX

You just have to guard against unnecessary loss and spend less whenever you can!

This means slashing your spending by bargain shopping, wise planning, and by learning how to get the best prices on EVERYTHING you need and want, from your house payment to your medical bill to even your pet food.

I'm not talking about being cheap and trying to bail out of every restaurant tab with your friends. I can't stand that!

I'm just talking about learning how to slash your spending by spending wisely -- and saving money -- by doing little things most of us aren't aware of or don't think about.

I'm going to tell you methods to cut your electric bill into as much as half, ways to get your rent lowered (that's legal), and how to make that smart phone a smart purchase!

These aren't methods or tips that you will find in any other book because other books are written by friends of your mom and dad's.

For example, did you know there's a way to save up to 50% or more off your vacation every year?

If you don't take vacations because of the expense -- or can't afford to take them anymore -- this piece of information just might send you to the Bahamas this summer.


This system starts out with the #1 personal finance guide on the planet (as rated by ClickBank!)...

Okay, I've read enough. I'm ready to finally start saving money!
Bring me to the download page!

I'll show you how to save money on your electric bill. Save money on your mortgage. And even save money on things that you don't even think about -- such as haircuts.

These are the same methods to slashing your spending and saving money that I used to save $17,605.08 in one year!

They are easy to implement and even easier to stick with. That means you won't have to go on a "starvation" diet or do without the things you love.

You can live your life as you want, enjoy it as much as you want, and STILL save money.

I'll teach you:

  • 6 ways to save money on your overhead expenses. By this, I mean your rent and mortgage. Just by slashing your spending here, you could easily save thousands of dollars per year!
  • 9 ways to save money on your electric bill. I didn't believe there were so many ways to do this! Personally, I thought that, aside from turning off lights in rooms I wasn't in, there was nothing I could do about my electric bill aside from sweating in the summer -- and shivering in the winter. I was wrong!
  • 18 ways to save money on medical bills and insurance. Yes, I said save money on insurance! I'll even tell you how to save money off a visit to the emergency room. If you have small children, you'll love this one.
  • At least 8 ways to reduce your debt while improving your credit. And you don't have to spend every last dime or cut other things out of your life to do it! In the past, paying off debt meant less of doing the things you love -- like eating out, vacations, nights on the town, and so on. I'll tell you easy ways to start reducing your debt and improving your credit.
  • 16 ways to save money on your car and its expenses. I talk about everything from saving money on gas, buying a new car, on down to how to save money on auto insurance.
  • 10 ways to save money on entertainment. This covers just about anything you want to do -- movies, concerts, etc. I'll show you how to save money on the prices you pay. Instead of paying $100 for that seat at a concert, imagine spending just $50! Hey, you're going to go to the concert anyway because you've been dying to! Why not save money while you do it?
  • 12 ways to save money on food and grocery bills. I'll even tell you FREE ways to cook meals at home. I know that sounds good because groceries are getting so expensive! I know a woman who gets hundreds of dollars of groceries for literally pennies on the dollar. I'll show you how.
  • And many, many more ways to save money and slash your spending. There are so many little tips and methods that I give you, I can't name all of them here! I give you over 79 ways to save money in more than 300 jam packed pages!


"From Bankrupt to Bank Account"

I filed bankruptcy six months ago because I couldn't manage money or save a dime, kind of like what happened to you.  I bought your book to learn how to save and it worked.  After 3 months, I have $1850.00 put back.   I'd recommend your book to anyone who wants to better manage their money.

Richard Nolan, Toronto, Ontario

You know what I'm talking about: those flimsy eBooks that only have a few pages and just give you enough information to realize you need to know more.

My book is NOTHING like that!

This is a 330 page Bible when it comes to slashing your spending and saving money.

I cover every expense most people like us have, and I tell you how to save money on these expenses.

I even cover things such as dental care, home decorating, home security, dating, and even saving on college tuition! Just about every way you can think of to spend money... I talk about.

I don't leave anything out in my eBook "Slash Your Spending". And remember, these are all resources I use -- and methods I still use -- to save money.

I saved $17,605.08 in one year! I know I keep saying it, but I'm that proud of it.

And again, you aren't going to have to go on a "starvation diet" to slash your spending and save money.

All you have to do is learn the methods I give you and follow a few easy tips.

Okay, I've Kept Up The Suspense Long Enough.
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This 330 page e-book is your complete guide on everything you need to know about saving money. It is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format.

In other words, I've cut through all the crap and left only the juicy secrets that will save you the most money while spending less.

Is it savings on utility bills you're looking for? Groceries? Medical expenses? Travel? Or maybe wedding planning?

It's ALL here from 'A' to 'Z'.

...and so much more!

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Sometimes you don't have time to just read the book...

Here is the Mind and Motivation Audio Course. Yes! I decided to throw this into the package because of the overwhelming positive feedback from it. Customers even say it could sell on its own! I feel it's something you should listen to BEFORE you read the Ebook so for a limited time, I'm including it in the package! I personally cover the most vital tips in changing your mindset towards saving money.

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Here's the thing. There are 2 basic mindsets when it comes to saving money, the spending mindset and the savings mindset. Even if you think you have a savings mindset, I'm 97% sure you're wrong! I'll tell you exactly why in this course and much more...

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Need help with your credit card debt? Need advice on your through the roof spending habits? I'm literally just one message away!

Financial advisors and accountant’s charge thousands of dollars and most of the time, they don't even help!

Ask me anything you want and I will give you my best advice! Are you tired of ALWAYS being BROKE? Do you find it IMPOSSIBLE to SAVE MONEY? Just send me your question.

I've been through all the pain and suffering and I've learned my mistakes VERY well, so I'm here to help you! You won't ever have to make the wrong moves again with saving money...


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#1: Coupon Codes

Coupon Chelsea Shorter. Being a Chartered Financial Analyst, Chelsea knows proper money management.

I talked to Chelsea and told her about my revolutionary money management system and she absolutely LOVED it. She wanted to help me in any way she could. So I asked her if I could include her Coupon Codes report and she graciously, and thankfully, said YES!

Nowadays, anything can be bought online. With new E-stores opening everyday, it can be a challenge to find the best prices. Have you ever heard of coupon codes? These gems can literally save you 50% or more on your everyday purchases online!

In this 41 page report, you’ll learn everything there is to know about coupon codes: what they are, where to find them, and how to use them!

How's that for a "bonus" item?

#2: How to Create a Family Budget

Jason Green delivers How to Create a Family Budget! Jason is actually a good friend of mine who attended the same university as me. He also graduated with a finance degree.

Once I told him about Slash Your Spending, he allowed me to include this incredible 67 page report in my program. I have personally used the tactics that he shares and let me tell you... they work like a charm!

If you're planning to start your own family or if you have had one for 20 years now, this report will help you save a ton of money by creating a family budget.

Once you read it, you'll understand why I included this in my program!

#3: Budget Home Decorating Tips

Is your home still stuck with the 70's look? Do you still have wallpaper scraping off your walls? Do you keep muttering, "I'd like to spruce up the home but it's so expensive!"

I've included this special report because I know how difficult it is these days to put money aside to spend on your home. Too many people neglect the fact that home decorating is the key to retaining value for your home.

This 41 page report allows you to decorate every aspect of your home from your master bedroom, to your bathroom and even your garage without breaking the bank!

#4: Totally Debt-Free Lifestyle

Does your bank account consistently hover around the red line? Do you find it impossible to save? Debt is one of the most sought after topics in today's economy. 90% of people fall into some sort of debt in their life but few admit it or take it seriously.

If you find yourself constantly reaching for your credit cards and using them "as cash", then you should ring the alarm.

It was an absolute no brainer to include this in my

This 42 page report covers everything from what debt is, why people fall into debt, how to avoid it and most importantly how to crawl out of it.

Bonus #5: ???

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When you purchase Slash Your Spending today, you'll gain access to even MORE free gifts that will help you improve your money management. As I swore from the start, this IS the complete package!

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You will also receive free lifetime updates! Top financial advisors have considered this to be the “Bible” of money management systems. Yes, this is true... however, that doesn't stop me from making it even better and better as time goes on!

I'm continually researching and learning new things, so there's a good chance I'll find new money saving tips or secrets that you’ll want to hear about.

With free premium updates to Slash Your Spending, you're guaranteed to stay up-to-date.


There you go. It's as simple as that...

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"But Brandon, How Do I Know Your Book Will Help ME?"

My book can help anyone who buys ANYTHING.

Even if you live at home with mom and dad right now and don't have rent, a mortgage, a car payment, or an electric bill to pay, my book will still help you.

Everyone buys food.

Everyone buys clothes.

And everyone pays for entertainment.

So even if you're still living at home with mom and dad, unemployed, not making much money, or living on such a tight budget that you can't afford shoes -- this book will still help you save money.

In fact, if right now money is the biggest worry in your life -- it's the perfect time to read this book.

You'll learn how to turn that little bit of money into A LOT more money because you'll start saving that much!


Listen, I am 100% sure that the methods I give you in my eBook will help you slash your spending and save you money.

The reason I'm so confident is that it worked for me.

In fact, I am so sure that you're going to be thrilled with what you learn -- and even more thrilled with the amount you save, that you're going to want to print my eBook out and refer to it for years down the road as a way to save money.

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Hey, part of saving money is making wise investments.

It's important to me that you have nothing to lose, and only money to save.

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But How Much Is This Going To Cost?"

You're naturally going to think that it's going to be expensive. And how can you not? I don't blame you...

But let me tell you right now... it costs MUCH less than what it's worth.

First, let's first talk about how much it's going to cost you if you DON'T try this program...

$1500-2500 a month for personal expenses which you can't seem to control because you don't have the knowledge or mindset to save money. You're going to continue to pay EXACTLY what the companies want you to pay and have them squeeze every dollar from you.

$1500-$2500 a month? Forget about it... I have a huge section geared straight towards savings in personal expenses inside the book and I'm including personal coaching in my program! You won't pay anything CLOSE to this.

$800-$1500 a month in clubbing and drinks while you "live the good life." Some people will spend even more than that each month just to try and have a good time. How many times have you gone out and the very next day you give the, "I feel like crap...why do I even go out" speech? The goal is to save money, not to drink it away!

$800-$1500 a month? There's no way I'll charge
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$300-$500 a year of WASTED money spent on gasoline for your car, utilities bills and your groceries! STOP GIVING YOUR MONEY AWAY!

$300? How about NO CHANCE IN HELL!

I told you I would be giving this package at a discounted price... but let's first look at the price of this program if you were to buy everything separately...

If you were to buy each module separately...
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The Slash Your Spending E-Book
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Coupon Codes
How to Create a Family Budget
Budget Home Decorating Tips
Totally Debt-Free Lifestyle
Mystery Gift

That brings the grand total to... $506.80

And to be completely honest, it's worth every penny. But I'm not going to charge you anything close to this price...

I told you I would be giving you an INCREDIBLE, discounted deal and I'm living up to my word. I think it's safe to say that this program is a bargain at $149.95...

Look, I know you're hesitant to even buy another book on the Internet. And I know you're skeptical that I'm going to tell you things that you already know.

Believe me, I understand!

Needless to say, though, I know my eBook "Slash Your Spending" will work for you. I know this because it has worked wonders for me!

These same methods helped me save $17,605.08!

But the only way you're going to know if they work for you is if you try it out for yourself.

"This eBook Helped Me Save -- and Afford an Exotic Honeymoon!"

I wanted to ask my girlfriend to marry me.  The problem?   I couldn't afford to get married!  Student loans, work expenses, my car payment, and all this debt really made me wonder why I went to college to begin with if I couldn't afford to marry the girl of my dreams.  My buddy actually bought your book for me and begged me to read it.  I'm happy to tell you I'm getting married in February, and we're taking an exotic honeymoon -- though we're not sure where yet.    The best part is my savings account is starting to grow too.   Thanks!

Evan Collier, Tacoma, WA

"Better advice than a CPA"

My dad always told me to save money by not going on vacations and eating out.  Because of that, I never saved.  Until I read your book.  My dad is a retired CPA, and your book is what taught me to successfully  save money. 

Sam Rhoden, Buffalo, NY


I promise you that every other resource online that tries to tell you how to save money will try to tell you to do without the things you want -- and to cut back on the things you need.

Just turn on afternoon talk radio too, and you'll hear the "experts" telling you what you need to get rid of so you can save more money.

My eBook "Slash Your Spending" doesn't tell you to get rid of a thing.

It tells you how to spend wisely and to save money on what you have -- and what you want.

At this point, what do you have to lose? I'm going to give you full access to my money management system for only $37. You can read it and see for yourself how it starts to save you money.


Imagine checking your savings account one year from now and having $17,605.08 like I did. You're just a click away from having the same information I used to do it.

Wouldn't you like to save money on your electric bill if you could? Pay less for concert tickets and vacations? Heck, wouldn't you LOVE to save money on medical bills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the $37 you spend to try out my eBook "Slash Your Spending" today will be the best dollars you've ever spent.

Here's what you need to do right now...

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I promise to follow the advice, methods, and tips you give to start slashing my spending immediately. I also understand that I may see significant savings on my mortgage, electric bill, medical bills, and even my hair care just by utilizing the methods you give me in your book.

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All it takes for you to slash your spending and finally start saving money is to access my eBook and start reading it today.

Take it from me. It's not hard to save money. It's really not. It just takes a new way of thinking in a new world.

When you're finished, you can go tell your parents a thing or two about saving money -- and use your bank statement as proof. :)

I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Warm regards,

Best-Selling Author & Finance Expert

"I Didn't Expect to Save So Much!"

I just wanted you to know that I bought this book expecting to demand my money back.   The only reason I did buy it is because I had hope that you would really give the information you promised.  I am glad to say that you did!  I don't want my money back.  In fact, I'd have paid more for this book because it's worth it.   This is the only piece of information I've been able to find that actually tells you how to realistically save money!   Other methods seem like they would work, but they don't because they make you cut back on things you need.   I want you to know that reading your book taught me to save money on things I didn't know I could save money on.  That money went in the bank!   Way to go with that book!  It's the best book on saving money out there today.

Marty Powell, Columbus,  GA

"Our Savings Account Went from Zero to $1,000!"

When I got married five years ago, my husband and I decided that we were going to put $100 each week into our savings.   We did for the first year, but then we bought a house, had our first baby, and bought a new car.   Plus, all of the sudden we had to pay $200 for daycare.   We stopped putting money into savings because we couldn't afford it.  I bought your book  because it seemed too good to be true.  I just want you to know that we now put away about $500 to $1000 per month.  That's more than we did before we had a baby, a house, etc.  I just wanted to write to you to ask you to pass this along to other people so they know how this one little book can teach you to save money you never knew you had!

Amy Peters, Canton, OH

"Even More Money to Save"

Before I read your book, I had $20 leftover after each paycheck.  I spent that and didn't save it.  Now I have rearranged my savings and spending, and save $100 each week.  I even shop more!

Kellie Orman, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks for putting $3500 in my bank"

I just bought your book two months ago, but I've learned to save over $1,000 each month. I only make $3500 a month, so that's amazing.  Thank you for writing the book!

Kent Sims, Tampa, FL

"Lower Rent"

I wanted you to know my landlord lowered my rent today thanks to you, and that allows me to save $200 per month.  Thanks!

John Kellogg, Richmond, VA

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Okay, Brandon, How Do I Get Started Saving Money Right Now?

Regular Price: $149.95...
Today $37
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